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What is Foundations of Success?

A seven-day immersive COACHING, MENTORING, and IMPLEMENTING event. There is nothing like this event in the Residential Cleaning space.  Visit  or for comparable examples of similar life-changing events, but at a much higher cost and without the focused implementation that is personalized to your individual company. Together, we will design your company from the Foundation up based on who you are and what you want from your business and for your life.

“Life is a matter of choices, every choice you make makes you” -John C. Maxwell

Running any business is a challenge and running a cleaning business is even more of a challenge. 


Foundations 10 - March 9-16, 2019

Foundations of Success 9 was an incredible success. Don't be left out of Foundations 10! To find out more about the program and get a free half-hour consultation, fill out our contact form.


Recruiting, Hiring & Retention

Good employees are much harder to find. There is a lot more to finding good employees than running an ad. Do you know that the order of the points listed in your ads can increase conversion by more than 50%? Do you know there are certain words that appeal directly to the people you want to hire? Do you know that where you advertise will almost certainly bring you entirely different candidates? Learn where the right places are for your company and more during one entire day of training dedicated to employees and the issues that come along with them.  Create your perfect hiring ad and more before you head to the hot tub to relax for the evening.

Keeping them can be even harder. Do you know the secrets of getting people to show up once you finally hire them? Have you been tricked into believing that the only way to get and keep good people is to pay them more and more and more? Have you been working on your Pay for Performance plan since “forever?” Tuesday is typically the day that we not only learn what needs to happen, but create those plans and systems. Take our templates and modify them for your company and finally be DONE.

Valuable Work

There is a common misperception that cleaning is “easy” and not worth professional rates. Do people tell you that you are too expensive?  Or that “Sophie” has been cleaning their 4500 square foot house every week for $50?  Learn the responses that stop them cold and then get them to ask when you can start!

A True Professional

Many consumers look down on our industry and the people who work in it. Do you know when its’s ok to fire a customer or how to do it without being slayed by social media? Do you know the 3-point test that determines if a client is a “good fit” for your company? Never feel as though you are at the mercy of irrational clients again! Begin the process of seeing yourself as a true professional by learning the traits that are respected in professional circles.

Products and Equipment

There are soooo many options for cleaning equipment and chemicals – or no chemicals even. Are you getting advice from Facebook groups?  Or worse yet, from your friends and family? Do you know that the business model you have decided to use along with 2 more basic pieces of information is all you need to make smart decisions that you can feel confident are right for your business? Stop being swayed by every person that says to start using Coke to clean toilets, lol.

Setting Your Business Up Correctly

Other than franchising, it is a hard business to get set up correctly from the very beginning, so most aren’t. Are you one of the multitudes that started your business as a gap filler?  If so, you are always putting out fires because the basic systems and processes you need to run your company effectively are missing. Even if your plan was to start your business as a professional company and set up everything correctly form the very beginning, chances are good that as you have reached new levels in your business you have found that the old systems aren’t working anymore. Get clarity on the things you need to be working on – there are only so many hours in a day and you don’t have to do everything, but you do have to do the right things.

Cash Flow

The cash flow created is a huge benefit in this industry, but without careful controls, even the most financially minded CBOs may struggle.

Have you found yourself trying to juggle your pay and employee pay? Had any issues with taxes or insurance? Just found yourself wondering where the heck all the money is going? Spend an entire day plus as much one-on-one coaching as you can handle, understanding and controlling the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that are needed to run a financially sound cleaning company at $200,000 or $3 million.

A Practical Program

There are very few professional programs that are designed with implementation in mind – the information is overwhelming.

Are you like most people that learn all of this AMAZING stuff only to get yanked right back into your business and old habits as soon as the education is over? Do you struggle to know how to prioritize and what to work on first? The daily schedule of FoS is specifically designed to provide education and then a workshop to implement the information. Go home with over 20 systems and processes that you have already worked on and modified for YOUR company.  Work on the right things and create your plans for the whole upcoming year before you ever get back to your business.

There are even fewer programs that can be personalized to the needs and desires of individual business owners.

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything? Have you read the books, changed your methodologies, and listened to the “experts” only to find yourself in the exact same boat you were in before? There is not ONE RIGHT way to run a cleaning company. If you are trying to run your company the way someone else runs their company, you may quickly find yourself frustrated to find that these exact things do not work the same way for you.  The Foundations of Success (FoS) program was created by 3 very different cleaning business owners, running 3 very different companies. All of which are successful in their own right. One of the biggest advantages to FoS is that it was created for the true entrepreneur.  The person who has clear ideas about what they care about and value. It’s your company. If what’s important to you is the environment above all, you will need to run a different company than the CBO who is concerned most with providing a great life for employees, or whose goal is to make a lot of money really fast. Discover on Day 1 of the FoS program what you truly care about and how to design your company around those core values, making all your decisions easier in the future.


Marketing a cleaning business is challenging because there is so much competition and so many different ways to market this business.

Are you trying everything only to find that nothing seems to be working?  Do some things work, only to stop again? Does it sometimes seem that no matter how much money you spend, that it’s never enough? Do you know why marketing needs to change regularly and when as well as how? Do you know the percentage you should be spending at each stage of your business? Stop the firehose approach to marketing and create a marketing calendar to follow for an entire year.  Have it in your hand before you get on that plane to go home!

Residential Cleaning Companies can easily grow only to get stuck or even fail after seeming to have it all figured out.

Things can be seemingly going along so smoothly only to hit a rough patch and get derailed – sometimes permanently.  Other companies have impressive growth year after year, even 300% – until they don’t. On Day 3 of the FoS program you will discover how and why many companies find themselves in the “valley of despair” at the $300k mark or not growing at all at the $600K mark. Learn to forecast upcoming challenges and prepare for them.  Overcoming challenges can be a straightforward process – as long as you know what it is.

Big Problems Become Manageable

Before education, all of the above seem like the BIG problems. They’re not.  But if you don’t know how to handle them they can be overwhelming and completely destroy not only your company, but your motivation and drive as well. Do you remember how exciting and FUN your company used to be? Recapture that excitement and joy, handle truly big problems with ease!

The information changes so quickly because of the fractured nature of the industry. Do you feel like staying on top of changing trends is daunting? Do you wonder how you are supposed to not only run your business today, ut what changes ae on the horizon? Do you think about and plan for the new age of Google Voice and Alexa? Becoming part of the FoS family means that you are never alone again. With the assistance of Coaches, your accountability partners, ongoing training, and private groups, the future will be just as familiar to you as the present.  


Laura Smith, All Star Cleaning Services, Fort Collins, CO

What a week! Cleaning Friends, if you haven’t been to Cleaning Business Builders Foundations of Success yet, you’ve GOT to start planning now for next year! Do it! Worth every penny!

Nina Fenwick, Raleigh Cleaning Co., Raleigh, NC

I was able to sit down everyday with Tom, Derek, and Liz and get individual attention. IN ONE YEAR I grew from $250,000 in revenue to $404,000! With this program I will close this year around $725,000! Foundations was the answer to all of my problems in my business.

Kyle Walker, Real World Services, Columbus, OH

Foundations helped our company tremendously, everything from marketing, our employees, our company culture, our operations. Pretty much all aspects of our business have improved.  I knew I could grow my business the way I wanted to if I could get the proper systems in place and figure out a better way to motivate my employees, and I’ve been able to do that since taking the Foundations class.


Join us at The Mansion

Foundations of Success takes place just 20 minutes from historic Charleston, SC, named year after year as one of the best travel destinations, not just in the US, but in the world. The lodging for our group is in a beachfront mansion called (what else?) "The Mansion" on beautiful Isle of Palms. Watch the video below to get a better idea of the place you could be spending a week this March. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is the right program for me?

If you have 50% or more of the problems listed above, this program may be for you. If you are committed to growing your company and willing to work hard, this this program may be for you. If you are done just “getting by” this program may be for you. If you are lacking in any of the core functions of running your company – financial, operational, sales/marketing, this program may be for you. Conversely, if your business is running smoothly, this program may not be for you. If you are looking for something easy to do, this program may not be for you. If you think you already have all the answers, and just need help implementing, this program may not be for you. If you want a cookie cutter approach to running your company, this program may not be for you.

What if I have a lot of systems and manuals already in place?

Having systems and processes in place will give you a leg up and provide you with more one-on-one opportunities to dig deep into your personal company needs and weaknesses. You will come prepared with a larger To-Do list designed specifically for you.

How much does it cost?

Currently the price of the all-inclusive program that includes, food, lodging, 1 week of programmed materials, 6 months of ongoing one-on-one coaching with your mentor, accountability partner program, Facebook private group that is hosted and moderated by CeCe Mikell, and all the additional resources listed below is $8,795. The price of the program typically escalates each year at a rough rate of 5%. There are discounts available for full payment depending on when the program is purchased. There are also financing opportunities that while not less expensive, can make the program affordable for even the tightest of budgets. Apply below to receive the best available options at this time.

What makes the FoS program better than less expensive alternatives?

There are 3 main differences that catapult the FoS program into another realm than other coaching events designed for the residential cleaning industry.  This is a serious program for serious people. We won’t spend a lot of time trying to motivate you. We only accept highly motivated people into the course. We will spend our time focusing on helping you be a better you even when the cameras aren’t rolling. Choose Better.

1.       The FoS program is not a one size fits all program. Because it is highly customized to each individual business owner, results are also individual. You can expect your success to directly correlate to the amount of effort you are willing to put into running your company your way.

2.       No other program is taught by 3 different business coaches at the same time who are all still in the business and therefore understand today’s unique challenges and trends. Deep dive into your finances and operational metrics with Tom Stewart. Learn the ins and outs of creating and sustaining a superior culture with Liz Trotter. Discover how to market and sell your services effectively in an ever-changing environment with Derek Christian.

3.       FoS is the only program that delivers ongoing training in person with the specific purpose of implementation and individualization.

What if my company is too small or too needy for me to be away for a whole week?

There is no such company.  There will always be the challenge of getting away from your company for an extended period of time. As the leader your company needs you to be, you will make it happen to work ON your business or you will never make it happen and you will always work IN your business. There are successful strategies that have been used by companies of every size and configuration. We are happy to share these.  We will even tell you the story of one student who spent the week with a breast pump because her infant was mere weeks old when she attended.  It will be no surprise that her company has multiplied revenues in a very short span of time.

Are there other companies from my market in the class?

We routinely accept only 1 person per geographic area per event. We have in the past allowed multiple people from area when they themselves requested the modification. Because the information that is shared and implemented is highly personalized, there is rarely a concern. BUT because we share very intimate and private details of our companies with each class, we prefer keeping the mastermind opportunities to a very high level.

Is it true that you also operate in multiple markets and could become my competition some day?

The short answer is yes. We currently operate cleaning companies in 7 different locations across the country. We have aspirations for many more.

What if I don’t know any of my numbers or have the answers to the questions on the application?

Not knowing the information requested will not disqualify your application. It is much more important that we have a clear understanding of your position so as to curate compelling and useful curricula for your needs.

  • When was the last time you put massive focus toward working ON your business and not just IN your business? 
  • Do you appreciate the benefits of the “mastermind effect” Read here for insight into why you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to work with like-minded people on a regular basis. 
  • Have you ever wanted to visit Charleston, SC? Read about America's Top vacation locations. and read about these amazing activities here.
  • Are you ready to be pampered while you put in the hard work?  Sumptuous menus, luxury amenities (even better for the first to register), and one-on-one focused attention.

Are you tired of being taken advantage of by unappreciative employees and clients?

Are you sick of working 50, 60, even 70 hours a week only to still not get caught up?

Are you angry about all the time and energy that you’ve funneled into your business at your family’s expense?

Are you frustrated by all the bad advice you gotten – and taken?

Are you embarrassed about your lack of financial controls?

Are you just sad about the way things are going in your business?

Are you finally ready to CHOOSE BETTER?

 “Action is the antidote to despair.” - Joan Baez

YES! I’m finally ready!

Please take my application.