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Foundations 9 - Feb. 17-24, 2018

Registration is now open for Foundations Jumpstart 9. To find out more about, just fill out the form below. To see photos and posts from the current class, follow us on Facebook.

You Immediately Receive

When you sign up for Foundations Jumpstart 9, you become part of the Foundations family. Here's what you get after putting down your deposit and committing to the week-long event in Charleston:

  1. You can attend for free any of the Foundations Alumni events that we hold.
  2. Instantly join our private Foundations Facebook Group.  This group is very active and is an exclusive group where we all speak the same language.  Our members feel a lot more open sharing their best and most sensitive ideas in this smaller group setting only for people that who have bought Foundations.
  3. Immediate access to Foundations Fast Track, which is our downloadable version of Foundations.  This way if you have something you want to work on immediately, you can start right away.  And don't worry about being bored in Charleston. We change and update the classes all the time, so you will still get fresh content and ideas in person when you come to Charleston.
  4. When all Foundations students come to Charleston we give them a goody box with all of the other Cleaning Business Builders products.  This includes the Maid Money System, Core Value Cards, Daily Engagement Videos, Target Marketing Kit, Team Builders, and Role Playing videos. Well, for those that sign up for Foundations, now we are going to send you all of these materials right away.  In addition, we will hold a monthly webinar where we teach you how to use all these tools to automate and grow your business.

Learn from the Best in the Industry

Learn from not one but THREE masters of business AND cleaning how to connect and streamline the various parts of your business to create a smoother operation, happier staff, and a growing client base – all toward greater profits to use in achieving your business dream.

- Level Up to the next growth size or revenue milestone!
- Gain more time in your day to think and plan for your next strategic move!
- Get yourself out of “having” to be in the field – even as a fill-in!
- Prepare your company for its first level of middle management: supervisors, trainers, managers!

The CBB Foundations of Success program provides training, tools and support for building, managing and growing a residential, commercial, and/or specialty cleaning company. 

  • 55+ hours of classes and workshops to develop customized, ready-to-implement systems
  • Science-based assessment and coaching to get you thinking like a strategic entrepreneur
  • A full day on-site at Castle Keepers of Charleston with the operations staff
  • 500-page Foundations Resource Notebook with all class materials
  • 2000+ paged in digital and editable format of policies, manuals, forms, procedures and more!
  • Get at least 20 systems and processes completed before you leave
  • Create a 12-month action plan based on your strategic goals – and get an accountability partner who will help you get there!

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