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The Alumni Wealth and Abundance Summit

Do you know the difference between making money and building wealth? 

Did you just right a big check to the IRS? 

Do you push really hard toward a goal, only to find you aren’t satisfied? 

Do you wonder how you can ever really be successful in this business? 

Do you know what success really means to you? 

Do you ever worry that you’ll work harder than any person you know only to fail? 

Do you ever worry that even if you “make it” you’ll just lose it all? 

Get these questions answered and more at Alumni Summit 1.

Day One – Engage 

On Day One you will spend the day getting to know each other and reconnecting with old friends. Spend the day sharing your expectations and relaxing. This will be an exhausting week, but you will go home refreshed, renewed, and reinvigorated with a renewed passion for your business and a plan for creating success and wealth! 

What do you plan to get out of this event? Spend the day sharing your expectations and fears.  Reconnect while relaxing and enjoying all the benefits of this peaceful environment.  

Day Two - Envision  

On Day Two we will put your fears to rest. Spend the entire day answering the questions that are holding you back from realizing your own potential.  

What is your vision for your life and business? Where do you want to be in 1, 5, and 10 years? Why are you working so hard? What is your "WHY"? Realize your "WHY" to gain balance, clarity, and direction. 
Today’s activities will revolve around your personal journey. The format will be 80% workshop with direction and 20% presentation.

Day Three - Reflect  

Spend Day Three solidifying your vision. Enjoy some time away to reflect and allow your own personal vision to become part of who you are and where you are going. Today’s activities will be decided by you based on your own personal needs and desires. 

Day Four - Execute 

On Day Four you will begin the challenging work of executing your vision. We will use the mastermind effect to it’s fullest extent on day 4. 

Without execution you are just playing air guitar. Be part of our $15 million focus group where you and your business peers will define, clarify, and sharpen your business plan. Discover and leverage your strengths to take your "WHY" from a dream to reality. 

Today’s activities will be large group activities where all Alumni and Instructors work together to create synergies for each business in the areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Create clear and precise plans to execute toward your higher vision. 

Day Five Reflect 

On Day Five you will again have the day to yourself. Whether you choose to be alone or connect with friends for a day of fun and adventure, rest assured that you will still be passively working on your plan. 

Use Day 5 to solidify your plan to execute. Allow yourself time for solitude or spend your day in activity - either way, the point of the day is to allow yourself to reflect while not applying direct focus. 

Day Six Prosper 

On Day Six you will have the opportunity to meet with professionals in the areas of tax, risk management, wealth planning, and exit strategies.  Get all your questions answered from the experts that will be available throughout the day.  Here is your chance to discover what precautions, preparations, and plans you need to put in place to protect and enjoy your wealth for years to come. 

When vision and execution collide, wealth is created. How will you invest and grow it? How will you protect it? Get comfortable with wealth to create a legacy and support the causes you believe in. 
Today’s activities will be lecture and work shop based. Learn from experts in the areas of tax mitigation, risk management, estate planning, and exit strategies. 

Last Day: Plan and Prepare 

On Day Seven you will create your plan. Consider gathering a Board of Advisors who will assist you as you transition your company to the wealth machine you intend to have. What preparations do you need to not only grow your business, but to secure your wealth for you and your family.
By this last day, you will have learned a lot about yourself, your business, and where to go next. You will be feeling pretty good about yourself by now. This is the day we bring you back to earth and help you put together a realistic plan and a framework for accountability and execution. 


Dates:  March 2-9, 2019
Meals:  Lunch and dinner provided on all full education days (Mon, Wed, Fri) – Sat. partial
Location: The Mansion in Charleston, South Carolina

Register Now for Your Choice of Rooms

For those of you who went through Foundations of Success back when it was still an online-only program, you haven't yet experienced the wonders of The Mansion. Just 15 minutes from historic downtown Charleston, SC, this fabulous 12-bedroom beachfront home features a private bath for each bedroom, plus a pool, jacuzzi, and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Every room is comfortable, but not every one faces the ocean or has a king-size bed. This event will sell out quickly and room assignments will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. So for the biggest, grandest, most luxurious accommodations, reserve your spot now! The video below gives you an idea of what to expect.